The Music

State of Confusion

We have tried using all our musical influences and blending it all into one feel and sound. Some of our stuff is quite easy listening with intense build ups (Can You Here Me Now/Release Me). Some songs have a rootsy blues feel with Kyuss/Grinspoon/Nirvana type build up sections (Wardachi/Feel It) while other songs have an old school rock feel to them (Hard To Take/State of Confusion). There’s plenty of guitar leads with a Hendrix, Slash, SRV vibe going on. The lyrics are very moving in some songs and delivered with emotion and power by Nina Reissinger on vocals.

One thing guaranteed is our songs are very Australian and don’t all sound the same as there is quite a mix of different genres going on in the sound.

The lyrics refer and relate to real events, life experiences, beliefs and where we’re from.

All songs were recorded and mastered by Rob Grant at Poons Head Studios in Fremantle Western Australia.

Song list

  1. Can You Hear Me Now?
  2. Wardachi
  3. Release Me
  4. Feel It
  5. State of Confusion
  6. Hard to Take

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